The Sloppy Body Clemson Fan Was Back And Did NOT Dissapoint

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God bless this kid, man. Good for him. It’s so rare these days to see someone rehash a gag and have it deliver. Once you lose the originality of the first time it’s never as cool. You need to really, really deliver to be as funny as the first time. I mean, REALLY fucking deliver. And that’s very rare to see. It applies everywhere from Hollywood movies to sketch comedy to College Gameday. Bringing something back a second time? That’s hard enough. Bringing it back a third time? I mean you’re begging to have people hate you.

But sloppy body? The kid just fucking delivers. I expected to be sick of it… I really did. Yet here I am, laughing my ass off watching the video for like the 30th time. The dabs, the money sign, the shimmy. I don’t know, it just fucking gets me. Maybe it’s the atmosphere… the memories of being back there at Clemson being too drunk at 11am for an 8pm game … the feeling of knowing a game is coming. But I couldn’t help but crack a smile and a nice old belly laugh when I saw that sloppy mess of a body shimmy his way onto my TV Saturday morning.

P.S.   I’m saving the full Clemson recap for The What’s The Action Podcast on Wednesday night. Might write something later tonight after the Giants game. I watched the game on an iPad at a wedding so I had to rewatch the full replay this morning to get a full feel for everything.


I’ll expand on this later, but my biggest take away from that game was how evident it was which team had the big game experience and which team didn’t. Even in the midst of a 26 point run, Clemson never wavered. Couple mistakes, couple turnovers, sure. But there was never any panic in that team or in the crowd and that is AWESOME. That confidence… that feeling of, “dude we got this”… that’s something it takes years and years to build. And Dabo has now built that with this Clemson program. Petrino is stomping around the sidelines like a petulant child and Lamar is wildly overreacting to supposed “chokeholds” and every time Louisville can’t make the catch they’re whining about pass interference. And on the other side you’ve got upperclassmen like Scott making MONSTER momentum-changing returns and Leggett redeeming himself from fumbles and Deshaun remaining focused after some bad throws and the entire defense never losing their cool or their discipline playing against a guy like Lamar.

Louisville is a talented team… Clemson is an experienced team… that was the difference.


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