Je Suis Rickie Fowler

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Je Suis Rickie

LOL. This is so me, guys. SO me. Always that guy right there caught in between the couple. Everyone hooking up and I’m just like “WELP!” Hahahaha. Classic Ham. Watching everyone leave the bar with someone and I’m just there like “Hey who wants to get some drunk food before passing out face down on the floor!” LOL. This is hilarious. So relatable. Might just make this my new avi because this is so me. HAHAHAHA. Classic. What a great picture. LOL.

I’m so lonely.


P.S.   “Je Suis Rickie” would work a lot better if he wasn’t going home with a supermodel. Goddammit.

P.P.S.   Missing basically all of the Ryder Cup yesterday to watch shitty NFL football at a bar is like top five sporting regrets in my life. Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy played like the greatest match ever and I was stuck watching the Bills blank the Pats, Fitzpatrick throw 9 more interceptions, and a bevy of awful, unexciting games on Redzone. Fuck.


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