Good News Knicks Fans, Derrick Rose Is Already Confused By The Triangle & Mishandling The Media!

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Newsday — Jeff Hornacek said he has the freedom to run the triangle offense the way he wants. But Knicks president Phil Jackson voiced his displeasure to the players when they didn’t run it the way he wants.

“He got mad at us one time because we was running the offense and we didn’t throw the ball into the post,” Derrick Rose said after practice Thursday. “He came over, kind of grumpy a little bit. That was my first time ever seeing him like that.”

In the Knicks’ first two practices, Hornacek worked on the transition game and early offense with pick-and-rolls. But he started teaching the players the triangle in Wednesday’s night session. He said he hopes they get to the point where he doesn’t have to call plays, and they just read the defense.

Rose, who spent the first eight seasons of his career in Chicago, called the offense “complicated” and “foreign.” He never played it, only against it. Rose is used to having the ball in his hands. He excels in pick-and-roll action, which will be a part of the Knicks’ offense, but the triangle is expected to be their main half-court system.

“It’s like 40 to 50 options on one side of the floor. It’s like giving you your space for creativity. It’s like if you’re doing it the right way, you could do everything you want, you could freelance but you just got to know where you’re going.”


Serious question: has there been a worse media athlete in the history of professional sports than Derrick Rose? Honestly, has anyone ever been worse at talking to the media and saying the wrong things and mishandling what to disclose and not knowing when to stop talking than Derrick Rose?  I mean for the love of god dude…





We knew it was bad in Chicago. I mean we all saw him and his jerkoff brother Reggie completely mishandle the disclosure of his expected return from injury multiple times. We heard him say he wanted to walk at his son’s graduation when anyone with a brain knew that would cause a media firestorm. We’ve seen countless occurrences of the guy not understanding how the front office and the fans would react–whether justified or not–to the statements he’s made. We knew it would be bad.

But nothing over the last four years in Chicago compares to the four months he’s been here. I mean put aside, if you can, the fact that the dude is in the middle of a civil trial and ongoing investigation into gang rape allegations. Put aside that he’s openly admitted he took the condom from that night, put it back in the wrapper, and took it with him as if that’s a normal thing to do. Put aside that he’s said doesn’t understand what the word “consent” means. Put aside that he’s been engaging in a public smear campaign through TMZ against his accuser while attempting, and failing, to disclose her identity to publicly shame her for sleeping with other athletes. Put aside that he’s treating these gang rape allegations like an overdue parking ticket. Put aside that he’s made no acknowledgement of the fact that this is hanging over the Knicks season like an anvil held up by floss.

Put all that aside for a second.

Put all that aside and you’ve still got the “Superteam” comments. You’ve still got him reaffirming the Superteam comments. You’ve still got him taking passive aggressive shots at the Bulls. You’ve still got him saying that he wants to play point guard like Kobe Bryant. And now this.

Instead of attempting to fly under the radar… Instead of keeping things low key before that whole Parking Ticke– I mean gang rape trial next week… Instead of giving it one week of training camp to get acclimated to an entirely new offense and entirely new set of teammates… he decided he’d call Phil Jackson grumpy and complain that his new offense is hard to learn.

THREE DAYS! Three days into practice! Three days in and we’re doing this. Derrick couldn’t give it three days before deciding he’d complain about the offense and talk about how angry Phil Jackson to the media. Three days.

I knew the Derrick Rose era would suck. I knew he would say stupid things to the media and obliviously bring unwanted and completely avoidable attention to the team. I knew he’d end up creating a controversy or be a distraction in some way or another. But I didn’t think we’d be at this point IN SEPTEMBER. We’re zero games into the Derrick Rose era and he might already be my least favorite Knick ever.

I love everything else about this team. I love Kristaps more than humanly possible and would die at the stake for him. I love Joakim Noah and how perfect he is for this city. I love the toughness and value that Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings bring to this team. I love the foreign mystery and unknown potential of Willy and Mindaugas. I love Jeff Hornacek and I really love his daughter. I love Ron Baker finally leaving Wichita State after nine years in college. I love the role that Lance Thomas fills as a 9th man. I love how much I hate Sasha. I love how much every other team is gonna hate Marshall Plumlee. And yes, I even love Socially Conscious Post-Olympics Melo.

But all of that is already overshadowed by this swelling hatred of Derrick Rose. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that he’s going to ruin this season for me and that’s really, really depressing.

Can we just fast forward to the point where karma kicks in and he gets hurt? I know he won’t say when he’s coming back and create a huge, wildly unnecessary off-court distraction. But I’ll bite that bullet as long as I don’t have to see him take shots away from Kristaps while he tries and fails to be Kobe while also playing C- defense. That’s when we start rioting outside MSG.

P.S.   There was like a two month span where I forgot “The Triangle Offense” was still a thing we’re going to have to hear about all year.

It was a great two months.

Goddammit I hate the Triangle

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