Russell Westbrook? Oh He’s On Great Terms With Kevin Durant

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“Kevin was asked if you guys were still cool and he said you’re still cool. Do you agree with that?”

“I haven’t talked to him.”

Russ and Kevin? No, they’re on great terms. Still best friends. I mean sure they don’t see each other every day like they used to, but that doesn’t change anything. So Kevin left? Hey man, that’s just business. Players change teams all the time. Sure you’d like to work with your friends forever, but sometimes things just don’t work out. Doesn’t mean it has to compromise your friendship, right? It’s just like job life for you and I. You have a good friend that you work with, he gets an opportunity to work at a competing company, and he goes. Better salary, closer commute, opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity that he wanted to take. Doesn’t mean he didn’t like working with you. He just needed a change in scenery. You guys still hang out. Still get beers every weekend. Still watch the game on Sundays. That’s Russ and Kevin. Sure they’re gonna be competitive on the court, who isn’t competitive with their friends? But outside the lines? They’re fine. Facetiming each other a couple nights a week to shoot the shit. Texting about the game their watching. Vacation together in the offseason. Nothing has changed for them except the shirt Kevin wears to work these days.

Everything is great. Best Friends Forever, right?

My god this game is gonna be something.

40 days and counting…


P.S.   The stoic, tough guy act Durant put on during that interview the other night might’ve been the thing that pushes me all the way into the “Fuck Kevin Durant” camp. Lighten up bro. You’ve got a looooong season ahead.

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