Gary Johnson Said We Shouldn’t Spend Money On Climate Change Because One Day The Sun Will “Grow & Encompass The Earth”

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That… that doesn’t sound right but I don’t know enough about stars to dispute it

On a political level I get what he’s saying. We’re totally fucked when it comes to climate change. Toothpaste is allllll the way out of the tube here. The polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising and in fifty years every major city on a coast will be underwater if we’re not all dead from Nuclear War or a SuperVirus or a Meteor or an Alien Invasion. Or the Sun could just engulf us. That too.

We’re fucked. So why waste valuable tax dollars on a problem that can’t be solved. What good is solar power when the sun is going to eat us, right? Why are we throwing our own money at energy companies when the harsh reality is that we’re all gonna die before they even make a dent. A better world for our children? Fuck that noise. You know how I create a better world for my children? Keeping my tax dollars and paying exorbitant amounts of money to send them to the best possible schools so that they too can make zero use of their degree and become professional bloggers who write about our impending doom. I believe the children are our future and all. Just… you know… that’s probably it after them. Let me keep my money an live as comfortable as possible until Manhattan is underwater.

Unless of course you want to build a wall around Manhattan to keep the water out. That’s a wall I’ll shell out for.

P.S.   It really is such a bummer that Gary Johnson is the weirdest dude ever. I think the majority of Americans fall somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. Lean a little conservative fiscally and lean a little liberal socially. Hope there’s no war and hope the government stays out of their business. Would rather watch a college basketball game or binge on netflix than care about what’s going on with politics. Gary Johnson seems to fit that mold from the very, very little I’ve read on him. Or at least fit it better than the other options.

It’s just tough to imagine anyone voting for a dude who looks like a disheveled sophomore year Chem teacher and talks like a guy you’d see on Ancient Aliens.

Then again, it’s also pretty hard to imagine anyone voting for the other two. So who knows…

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