Kristaps Porzingis Went On Sport Science And Whoa Where’d My Pants Go?

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Here’s the link to watch on ESPN because ESPN won’t let you embed video on WordPress. Thanks ESPN, I’m sure this will really help with that “we’re losing thousands of subscribers and people only turn on ESPN to watch actual games, PTI, or SVP’s SportsCenter” problem. People really appreciate it. 



Look at those numbers. LOOK AT THEM.

Quick as a guard. Springy as a forward. Strong as a ox. All to go with the shot of Larry Bird and the footwork of Hakeem and the will of Michael Jordan and a heart so big it would make Secretariat blush. A physical and mental specimen the likes of which this world has never seen. My god(zingis), what a sight.

I think I need a cold shower.

P.S.   The Knicks were already the most gambled-on team to win the title at 80/1 before this video was release. Might be time to double down, people. Let’s take Vegas to the poor house.

P.P.S.   Nothing better than watching Brenkus step in there with the athletes. Put aside for a second that this picture looks like a scene out of Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It’s just absolutely fascinating to see this guy who literally charts athleticism for a living go out there and dribble like Stanley Hudson. Like, hey John, how have you followed this career path without picking up a single thing along the way. It’s almost impossible. It’s like watching an IRS agent struggle with his tax forms. If anything you almost have to respect the fact that he’s still willing to put himself out there despite all that. Good for you Brenkus… you NERD!

Seriously though this looks like Gandolf and Frodo decided to play a game of 21.


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