Andy Milonakis Just Dropped Some Audio Fire Tod– Wait, What?

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Alright so let’s first get this out of the way because I know you’re all thinking it to.

How old is Andy Milonakis? I know that’s the whole thing with him and he was in his mid-twenties or something when the Andy Milonakis show came out but just take a guess what he’s at now…

You have a number in your head? Okay…


FORTY! Forty years old!


Almost as wild as Chief Keed, Lil Yachty and Snoop being the three other names there. people who search for Andy Milonakis are apparently following that search up with three different rappers who could not be more different from each other. I don’t think it’s possible to find three more different rap personalities than those three right there. Wild stuff.


Anyway… is it weird that I found that song catchy? Like yeah I got a chuckle out of it. Laughed at the froyo line. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late line was good too. Not the funniest video ever but I appreciate the concept. But now I’m gonna walk around my house humming “she like to suck me off to Drake songs… hit it slow motion to Trey Songz” for, at minimum, the nest three days.

That is if “PEAS ON MY HEAD, DON’T CALL ME A PEA HEAD” doesn’t get stuck there first.

Yup, that’s right motherfuckers. The second I heard his voice it jumped right back at me. And if that fucking song is gonna ruin my life for the next few days then I’m taking you down that road with my. NOW PLEASE EXCUSE ME I GOT TO GET MY CHEESE BREAD.



P.S.   Outrageous out-of-nowhere appearance by Andy Milonakis on Ancient Aliens like a month ago. Easily, easily would have said dead if you asked me where he was before I saw this episode. So congrats on being alive, Andy.

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