KNICKS BACK! Knicks At 80/1 NBA Title Odds Are The Most Wagered-Upon Team To Start The Season

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Technically… technically basketball season doesn’t start for another 35 days. At 8pm on Tuesday, October 25th, the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers host the future champion New York Knicks to kick off the 2016-17 NBA Season. Technically, that’s when the NBA season starts.

But yesterday… yesterday was when it really started. The day Vegas releases the Season Over/Under Win Totals… that’s the first day of the new basketball season. (What’s The Action NBA Win Total Over/Unders blog coming tomorrow set your calendars).

I know football is in full swing and I know playoff baseball is around the corner and I know there won’t be a meaningful basketball game played for at least a month, but as of last night I’m completely in hoops mode. Even made my triumphant return to the pickup basketball court after a three month hiatus just to kick it all off. Yes I have a football podcast to record tonight (Go follow @yourboyham11 on Twitter and like the What’s The Action Facebook Page and check out The What’s The Action NFL Podcast when it’s released tomorrow morning) and yes I still love football and yes I’ll still deliver those fire football takes and ice cold best bets every Thursday morning. But ever since those win totals were released last night my mind has been all hoop.

We are fucking BACK baby. So fucking back.

And man oh man what better way to kick off basketball season than to see this glorious report pop up on my phone as I was lacing up my shoes.


What a hot start to this season man. Can’t make this stuff up.

Here I am yesterday talking about how lowkey excited I am for the 2016-17 Knicks. About how post-Olympics Melo’s teams have always been his best teams and how Kristaps is ready to take the leap to SuperDuperMegaStar Franchise Cornerstone MVP favorite and how Joakim is healthy and hungry and ready to change the culture in New York and how Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings could prove to be two of the best value signings this team has ever made and how Willy and Mindaugas look ready to step in and contribute right away and how Derrick Rose is an alleged piece of shit who probably gang-raped a girl and is waging a public smear campaign against his accuser the details of which will make you sick to your stomach and okay maybe that last part isn’t so great but the point is that I was getting myself all excited about this Knicks season.

And not two hours later do I get complete reassurance that all my excitement is totally justified by this alert. An alert that definitely won’t be a hilariously depressing joke to look back at when Derrick Rose loses his civil suit and we’re suiting up a gang rapist starting point guard as we lose by 30 points to the Cavs on Opening Night and the media is tearing our franchise apart for employing ANOTHER piece of shit former superstar who is universally despised.




New York Knicks basketball baby.

We are so fucking back.

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