Kristaps Blocked The Crying Knicks Kid’s Shot Out Of The Goddamn Gym

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God love Kristaps Porzingis man. How #blessed are we to have him in our lives, huh? This fucking kid sits there on Draft Night crying into his phone about the selection of our Lord and Savior. And what does Kristaps do? Is he spiteful? Is he arrogant? Is he justifiably a total dick to the kid? Of course not. He’s smart and generous and media-savvy enough to invite the kid to a game and snap pictures with him and do everything you’d ever want to see your franchise player do from a public relations standpoint. He just fucking gets it.

But the second they step on the court… the second little Crying Knicks Kid is in KP’s world… it’s a whole different story? You think Kristaps was gonna let this kid sniff the basket? HAH! Kristaps may forgive but he will never forget. You can have all the access and the gear and the pictures that you want… you ain’t gettin’ that shot up boy. You don’t get to have that. No chance in hell. KP might come off as a gentle giant but the second you lace up those kicks and step on the hardwood that competitive drive will kick in and you will get NOTHING… especially not mercy.

36 Days Until Kristaps is back in our lives, folks. Can’t come soon enough.

P.S.   Don’t look now, but I’m pretty sure Olympic Melo is in the best shape of his life.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… post Olympics Melo is always the best Melo. 08-09 Nuggets won 54 games and reached the Conference Finals. 12-13 Knicks won 54 games and should have reached the Conference Finals and were easily the best Knicks team of the last 15 years (that’s not saying much but you get the point).

16-17 Knicks? I don’t know, man… I feel pretty fucking good right now. Melo finally seems comfortable where he’s at both in his career and in his personal/public life. Kristaps is SuperDuperMegaStar Franchise Cornerstone MVP favorite. Joakim is healthy and hungry and ready to change the culture in New York. Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings could prove to be two of the best value signings this team has ever made. Willy and Mindaugas look ready to step in and contribute right away. And Derrick Rose is an alleged piece of shit who probably gang-raped a girl and is waging a public smear campaign against his accuser the details of which will make you sick to your stomach. Wait, Wh–

Knicks basketball baby!  

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