Rough Monday? At Least You’re Not This Squirrel Who Got Crossed Into The Grave

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(37 days til basketball season people)

P.S.   Nothing worse than a squirrel that isn’t afraid of humans. I didn’t understand that those existed until I went to college down south. First day on campus I walked past a squirrel and it just sat there without a flinch. In New York that thing would be ten feet up a tree but down in South Carolina it just sat there like I was gonna feed it a Fig Newton or something (two callbacks in one sentence MAMA THERE GOES THAT HAM). Like yo get out of here dude I’m not feeding you. Bushy tailed face ass rodent.

Squirrels are not cute. Squirrels are not chill. Squirrels are not pets. Squirrels are just rats that wear pastels and live in the suburbs. Just because their parents have wealth doesn’t mean they’re not trash. Never forget that.

P.P.S.   Still maybe the funniest Vine ever


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