What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Week 2… Folks, I Think We Finally Got Good At Podcasting

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Welcome to The What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Week 2.

Folks, I’m gonna be honest here… this is the best show we’ve done so far. I think we’re finally actually starting to get good at podcasting. We introduced a few new segments with “The Opening Drive”, “Trent Dilfer’s Must Win Game Of The Week”, and “DAHKhorse Of The Week”. We crushed all the biggest topics and flew through our Week 2 Best Bets. And for the first time ever, the audio is actually… good. I’m not saying we figured out podcasting. I’m just saying we’re close. Listen and Like it and Share it with all your internet friends. Need that Jeep sponsorship and I need it now.

This week on The What’s The Action NFL Podcast the boys kick off “The Opening Drive” talking Cam’s Concussion, RGIII’s intentions, Backup QB Protesting, Kneel Down Guys vs. Raised Fist Guys, Rex’s Lapband, Jimmy Garappolo’s Future, and which NFL Coaches are the most uncomfortable in a suit (2:28)… We then jump to our Trent Dilfer Must Win Game Of The Week to discuss which teams absolutely CAN NOT lose this week (23:31)… run through our Week 2 Best Bets (26:20)… and close it our with our DAHKhorse Of The Week (36:40). Folks, I think we’re finally getting good at this podcasting thing.





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