Yankee Fan Dumped A Full Beer On His Head Because The Yankees Are Fun Again (And Also Just Two Back In The Wildcard Race)

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I’ll admit I’ve been a shitty fan these last two months. After moving Chapman, Miller, and Beltran I figured the season was over, and I was fine with that. Those were three great trades. GREAT trades. We have arguably the best farm system in baseball… as much young position player talent as anyone could ask for… and we are fucking SET for the next decade. We have an absolute star at a premium position in Gary Sanchez. We have a future star on the way in Clint Frazier. We have four legitimate power bats in Sanchez, Frazier, Judge, and Bird to build around the next few years, and another one on the way in Blake Rutherford. We have a quality pair of 26-year-old middle infielders in Didi and Starlin, and two of the top 20 prospects in all of baseball in Torres and Mateo ready to take their spots. We have a handful of nice young arms both contributing now and on the way. And we have Dellin at the back of the bullpen for years to come. The future is extremely bright for the Yankees. Extremely fucking bright. So this year? Whatever. Losing out while the young guys get some experience isn’t the worst thing in the world.

What’s happened the last month or so… I mean I still can’t believe it’s happening. We’re two games behind both Wild Card teams. TWO. Two fucking games out after trading the three best players on the team. Cashman did EXACTLY what he needed to do to hit the reset button and somehow, some way… this team might also make the playoffs. It’s one of the most incredible, indescribable, incomprehensible runs I’ve seen as a baseball fan. This team has NO business being in the hunt, and yet here we are. And we’re just playing with house money at this point.

You want to know what the beer dump symbolizes? It symbolizes that this team is fucking fun again. This team is young and full of hope. They’re gutty and gritty and underdogs in a way the Yankees haven’t been for almost 20 years. Think about that. When’s the last young, underdog Yankee team you remember? Have you even been alive for one? I was four when the Yankees won in 96. I can baaarely recall the 98 season. The Subway Series in 2000 was the first time I legitimately remember remembering shit that happened. And by that time we were already a dynasty. After that came all the massive contracts and the World Series losses and the collapse to Boston and fifteen years of watching an aging, overpaid team continually fail to live up to expectations. Even the 09 World Series, as great as it was, felt like more of a relief than a celebration. The Yankees have been an old, joyless, expectation-laden team for years.

Until now.

Now we’re young. Now we’re underdogs. Now we have hope for the future. Sure there’s still some overpaid old guys hanging around, but it doesn’t feel like it’s their team anymore. Now we’re not burdened by the expectations that typically come with the franchise. And most Yankee fans under the age of 30 are discovering that it’s AWESOME to win without expectations. It’s really fucking fun to be the underdogs and to defy the odds. That’s why we’re dumping beers on our heads. That’s why the Bleachers look like the dance floor of The Drift. That’s what we’ve been missing out on for 15 years.



Beers on our heads, beers in our pants, beers for every Yankee fan out there because the Yanks… the Yanks are fucking BACK.



P.S.   Here’s the remaining schedule. Four games behind Boston and two behind Toronto and Baltimore as of this afternoon.

18 games to play. Seven against Boston, Four against Toronto, Three to close it out against Baltimore. Is 13-5 doable? Would 12-6 be enough? Am I crazy to think this can happen? At least we have a lot of control over our own destiny. And fuck it, we’re playing with house money at this point, right?



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