Randy Moss Stared Daggers Through Trent Dilfer’s During His Colin Kaepernick Spiel Yesterday

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Look, I want to get to real football blogs so I’m gonna make this quick.

  1. If you “respect Kaepernicks right to protest but don’t respect the method”, nobody cares. Nobody cares at all. I don’t care. Kaepernick doesn’t care. All the servicemen and women who you think he’s disrespecting don’t care. Nobody cares. It’s America. He’s allowed to peacefully protest how and when he wants. Like… legally. I’m not trying to make a point here. Colin Kaepernick and Arian Foster and every other NFL player protesting are allowed to kneel or to sit or to raise their fists. We get it. You love America more than anyone else because you cut your jeans and went to a Toby Keith concert and you have a second amendment sticker on your car. But nobody cares that you’re “offended” by Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. You don’t like that he’s legally allowed to protest during the Anthem? Protest that. Just, you know, only protest it when we say you’re allowed to protest it. That’s how it works, right?
  2. How long until Moss and Dilfer actually fight? Five weeks? Three? Tonight? It’s week one, the Kaepernick/protest stuff is really just starting, and Randy was ready to fade Dilfer on the spot. Need Kaep to walk out in a Black Lives Matter shirt tonight just to watch Randy snuff Trent before he can say “Now you know I’m sensitive to issues is the bl–“
  3. When did Dilfer become the worst analyst on TV. This whole thing really has nothing to do with it. Like I said, it’s basically the same response every white person gives when they want to direct the conversation away from Kaepernick’s original message. Nothing different. Nothing special about it. I’m just curious as to when Dilfer just decided to go full hot take and never make a cognizant, well-measured piece of analysis ever again. He really wasn’t bad his first few years. Had his lane as a QB guy and tried to make real poins. But at some point he just turned into the guy who calls a Week 1 game a MUST WIN for the Jets and says NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE instead of NFL to make his empty takes feel more weighty. I missed basically all of Countdown yesterday, but I hope the other new guys (Moss, Hasselbeck, Woodson) are at least something more than empty suits so we can get some kind of decent discussion about the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE.


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