The NHC Shut Down The Petition For Hurricane Harambe To Be The Name Of The Next Big Storm

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hurricane_harambe1  —  What better way to honor a dead gorilla than a deadly storm?A petition is calling for the NHC to rename Tropical Storm Hermine to Harambe because the former “sounds terrible, and is disrespectful to the great Harambe,” the petition notes. “To honor Harambe, a renaming is required to continue his legacy.” … The Harambe obsession has become so intense, the Zoo recently issued an email to the Associated Press saying that it is “not amused.” … Lucky for the Cincinnati Zoo, it won’t have to hear about Tropical Storm Harambe heading for the eastern seaboard. The petition for the name change is extremely futile… “In general, tropical cyclone names are removed from the list only when a storm is unusually deadly or costly,” Chief of Forecast Operations at the National Hurricane Center James L. Franklin said in an email… “Every once in a long while,” he continued, “a name might be removed due to some other sensitivity (for example, ‘Isis’ was recently removed from the eastern Pacific list). I’m unaware of a name ever being removed, however, for no reason other than to make room to honor some particular individual, and I think it’s unlikely that the WMO RA-IV would initiate such a policy.” … “Therefore, ‘Hermine’ will be assigned when that position in the list comes up later this year,” Franklin said. When asked if people petition for changed names in honor of the deceased often, he said, “No, I’ve never seen a request like this in the past.” 

Wow. Okay National Hurricane Center. So it’s like that? That’s how we’re gonna do things? Okay. No, no, no. Go ahead. Go with Hermine. Really great name. Strong name. I can already see Hurricane Hermine rolling across the bottom of my screen as FEMA declares a state of emergency and hundreds of thousands of Americans are forced to evacuate their homes. Hurricane Hermine will really stand out on the CNN chyron while contrasted against the destruction of the Southeastern United States. The name Hurricane Hermine will be remembered as the deadliest of all names.

I mean why name it Harambe anyway? Harambe never hurt anyone. Harambe never caused any destruction. Harambe was a gentle giant. If the NHC was to name the next big storm Harambe, well then we all know the storm would die before it ever hit the shore. I mean come on, who would ever want a Hurricane that was killed too soon, right?





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