I Am Madly In Love With Aly Raisman. There, I Said It.

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I think I’ve watched this Vine one thousand times since last night. Possibly one million. I can’t get over it man. It’s just so fucking ridiculous.


The transition into that cartwheel, the bazillion flips on that big jump, and completely flat flip at the end. It’s insane. I know I talked about that opening pass on Monday, but to see her stick it like that… damn, man. So sweet. So cool to see my internet girlfriend out there crushing it like that. Slay girl slay. Love U Bae


Now last night… last night was fun and all. But last night was never in doubt. The U.S. Ladies were never not going to win the Team Competition. Sure I still held my breathe and cheered out loud and gyrated around in my seat like my future in laws…

I was still on pins and needles.

But I knew we would win. No, not just because we’re on tape delay – I didn’t even know we were on tape delay until coverage popped over to the girls getting interviewed by Bob Costas. And quick sidenote here YO IF YOU MAKE A JOKE ABOUT BOB COSTAS BEING SHORTER THAN THOSE GIRLS I SWEAT TO GOD IT’S THE LAST JOKE YOU’LL EVER MAKE #TeamCostas



I knew we’d win because this team is just that goddamn loaded. Bae is as reliable as it gets. Simone might be the GOAT already. Gabby is still a monster. Laurie absolutely crushed her events. And then we got Maddy over here like a three point specialist throwing up an insane uneven bar performance. Dominant squad. Never in doubt.

Thursday, man… Thursday is gonna be insane. There is no room for fuck ups in the All Around Final. One slip and you’re suddenly off the goddamn podium. I might cry. I might puke. I’ll probably do both.

Thursday 3:00. See you there bae.





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