Hey Chad le Clos… Good Job Good Effort Bro… Chad… CHAD… CHAAADDDD

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Hey Chad… good job good effort out there man. You really *cackling* you really showed *chuckling* You really showed Mike who’s boss out there man *bursts out laughting*

Jesus christ dude… what an absolutely godawful showing. Fourth place… FOURTH place. I mean at least when Yulia Efimova was murdered by Lilly King on Monday she still made it on the medal stand. She still has a Silver medal to show for it. Sure it’s a piece of silver (medals are actually made of gold and silver and bronze, right?) that will forever remind her of her failures as a human being – but at least it’s something.


You? You didn’t even make it on the stand, Chad. Couldn’t even pull out a fucking Bronze, Chad. Really Chad? Fucking Chad. CHAD. CHAAADDDDD.

My god man, how can you even call yourself an athlete. The shadow boxing, the staredowns, the incessant need to look at Phelps during the race…


…and you can’t even make it on the medal stand? It’s almost impossible to come up that small in that big of a moment.

I mean it’s almost like once he knew he couldn’t catch Phelps — which I’m assuming was on the first lap — he just actively tried not to get on the medal stand to save himself the embarrassment of having to stand there in shame while Phelps laughed in his face.

That’s the only explanation for coming up that small. Either that, or you’re just actually that pathetic of a competitor, Chad. CHAD. And in either case you have the balls of a field mouse.

Fourth place… absolutely awful. One of the most embarrassing big game performances in the history… the HISTORY… of athletic competition. Fuck outta here Chad. CHAD.


P.S.   Laugh out loud funny watching Chad’s father openly and disdainfully show his disappointment. I’m pretty sure Enes Kanter’s dad (wild story) likes his son more than Chad le Clos’s dad likes CHAD right now. Though I guess it’s not that surprising that a guy who names his son Chad Guy Bertrand Le Clos is openly an asshole father.





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