Michael Phelps Is About To Put Chad Le Clos In A Bodybag Tonight

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That. Was. AWESOME.

What a minute of TV that was. I mean… holy shit man. That is everything… EVERYTHING you want from a pre-race showdown. The arrogant villain there to keep the title, the stoic hero out to reclaim it. One doing everything to get in the other guys head, the other focused on nothing but himself. The accomplished champion out for redemption to close his career. The obsessed adversary hellbent on preventing that.

It’s the perfect dichotomy… an ideal rivalry.

And Phelps is going to BURY this motherfucker tonight.

The way Phelps has come back this year man… what a way to end his career. 2012 just didn’t feel totally right. Sure he still took home 4 Gold Medals, but it felt like he was on cruise control. It was kind of just a joy ride after Beijing, and you can’t really blame him for that. I mean the dude won eight out of eight gold medals. The training that went into 08’…  I mean… how could you possibly expect him to duplicate that in 2012. He was so dominant that there was no way for him to recapture that fire, no way to recapture that edge.

Now? Now you can see that. I mean… you can really fucking see it


The three losses in 2012, the DUI, the downward spiral he claimed he was on… that reignited the fire in him. That restarted that engine. You could see it on that turn off the wall in the 4×100 relay Sunday night, you could see it in the way he prepared last night, and you could see it in the way he started that race. This is a redemption Olympics for Phelps. It’s rare to say redemption about a person with the success he’s had, but it’s true. Whether it’s redemption for the loss to le Clos in 2012, redemption for what’s happened in his personal life the last few years, or both – you can see how much more this Olympics means to him than any before. Mike is back. Like… really back. He’s as prepared for these games as ever before, and tonight’s race is the biggest stage for him to show that. Against Chad le Clos. A South African villain with a douchbag American first name and a douchebag french-sounding last name who’s proven to be the most legitimate competitor to Phelps in his 16 year Olympic career.

Tonight should be an all timer.






P.S.   Hey… Chad… what’s… what’s going on here man?


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