Lebron Got Himself A New Kermit Sipping Tea Hat

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What made the original Lebron “none of my business” hat so great was that it was… you know… the original. He used an internet meme the same way that anyone else does. He wore that hat the same way that any of us post that meme or any other meme on twitter. It was no different than you or me cropping the Crying Jordan on Steph’s face or tweeting the Mr. Krabs picture or making some sarcastic crack at the Warriors expense. Lebron was all of us that day. Just another random loser on twitter making jokes at an athlete’s expense. Except, you know, he also happened to be the guy who won the game. That’s what made it cool. That’s why even the biggest Lebron haters could appreciate that hat. It was funny, it was smart, it was relevant – it was everything that all of us try to be on twitter every day and every night and especially on an occasion like Game 7 of the NBA Finals. You take these things like Crying Jordan or Mr. Krabs or Kermit Sipping Tea that belong to the internet… that belong to everyone… that are their own specific thing, and use that as a tool to make your joke.

What I don’t like is this idea of branding the meme. You can’t make Crying Jordan something other than what it is. You can make Mr. Krabs something other that what it is. And I think that applies to Kermit Sipping Tee as well. It is it’s own thing, you can’t brand it. What makes the meme is that it’s this one thing that everyone can use. So for Lebron to bastardize this one with his own specific brand just doesn’t sit right with me. It takes away the part that made it so great to begin with – the aspect of Lebron using the same meme as everyone else. That was why it was funny. That was why it was such a cool moment. Now it just feels like a corporate rebranding of something that shouldn’t be able to be rebranded. I don’t know man… it’s just kind of a bummer to see such a cool moment like that get diluted. Even if that is a pretty dope hat.


Fuck I spend way too much time on the internet.



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