Hey Paul George This Isn’t The NBA Dude

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Hilarious clip. Just stands as a perfect example of how outrageously pampered the life of an NBA star is. Chartered flights, full time trainers, personal chefs and dietitians, and a dozen little minions standing around to put a water bottle on your shoulder and grab the trash from your hand when you’re done. You know in futuristic movies when people live in homes with appliances that do everything for you as you slowly amble through the house? That’s basically the life of every NBA player. Shoot practice shot, the next ball is immediately in your hand. Lift your leg and it’s immediately massaged. Walk in the locker room and your uniform is all laid out. Raise your hand and your garbage is taken. And once you leave that bubble, it takes you a while to get used to getting it back. Like a dog still swimming outside the pool.


That’s Paul George. Still expecting all the amenities of playing in an NBA arena without realizing there’s no little lackeys behind the bench. But hey, don’t worry Paul, I’m sure you’re not lacking personal accommodations on that goddamn cruse ship.

P.S.   You know what the funniest thing about NBA life is? For all the luxury and the accommodations and the pampering and on and on and on, these 7 foot tall giants still sit crammed together on tiny little fold out chairs on the bench. Insane that it works that way. Owners will shell out bazillions of dollars to accommodate their athletes, yet won’t get rid of one or two courtside seats to give the bench a little room to stretch their legs.


P.S.   Bonus USA Basketball content… Boogie is still the best.




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