Aly Raisman’s Parents Are The Best Sports Parents Ever And More From The Olympics

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Okay so as a little refresher here, Aly Raisman is a U.S. Gymnast. She’s really fucking good. She was a member of the 2012 Fab 5 team with Gabby Douglas and McKayla Maroney (sup girl). She won the Gold in the floor exercise in 2012. She’s really fucking good at the floor routine. She opens up her routine with this ridiculous combination that nobody else even attempts.

So goddamn good.

I guess at this point I should mention that I fucking LOVE gymnastics. Specifically the women’s gymnastics. Favorite Olympic sport and it’s honestly not even close. Volleyball? Awesome. Rugby? Great. Swimming and track? Very fun. None of them compare to women’s gymnastics. The things these girls can do. The fucking athleticism it takes to pull these things off. And the composure… jesus fucking christ. It’s the most tense, emotional sport in the goddamn world. I get more emotional watching women’s gymnastics than literally anything else in the world. I’m sitting in my seat clenched tighter than a goddamn vault. Every single movement is the most gutwrenching thing you’ve ever seen. It’s just… it’s almost just too much to handle at times.

And nobody… nobody conveys this feeling like Aly Raisman’s parents.

Here they were in 2012:

And here was last night:

Absolutely hilarious. Her mom is just the most perfect gymnastics mom you could ever ask for. Violently intense look on her face at all times. Probably attended every practice she’s every had. Knows the routine better than Aly does herself. Everything you could ever ask for. And Rick? Fuckin Rick, man. Can’t get enough Rick Raisman in my life. He’s right there with his wife on every twist and turn. That little fist pump he does. That hair. That crazed relief after every routine. Goddamn I love me some Rick Raisman.

That’s what gymnastics is all about right there. That’s why I fucking love this sport. The intensity. The emotion. The passion. The tension so thicc you can cut it with a goddamn knife. Just the best.


While we’re here, might as well run through some other highlights from the last few days.

Lily King? Lily King is about that life. Lily King absolutely does not fuck around. Lily King is out for (transfused) blood and is perfectly okay letting the whole world know that. Fuck you and your set Yulia Efimova. Lily Gang stand up.

Katie Ledecky absolute DEMOLISHED the field in the 400 free.

Watching her teammate react to 3:56 on the board was one of the cooler moments of the games so far. Like she probably swims with Katie every day, knows exactly how great she is, and still was utterly amazed by that number. THAT is trancendent talent.

Speaking of transcendent talent… *fucking patting myself so fucking hard on the back for this fucking transition*… Michael Phelps got in the pool and did what he always does.

Still can’t get over this turn. Like watching Lebron in the open court or Bolt separate from the pack in the 100. Just another gear that literally no other person on earth has. One of those moments you’re watching live that takes your breath away. Unreal.

Oh and congrats on the sex Mike.


No really dude we get it, you have sex.


Sixers rookie Dario Saric blocked the shit out of Pau Gasol at the buzzer.

Novak Djokovic lost to this dude who couldn’t stop crying

Venus and Serena lost for the first time ever in the Olympics

Weightlifters made O-faces

And we’ll finish off here with some gymnastics highlights…

And lowlights…

I’ll talk more about Simone Biles before we get back to Women’s gymnastics tomorrow and just leave you with this picture. 4’8″ tall and she might honestly be higher than any human has ever been. Fuck I love gymnastics.






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