Meanwhile, In Russia…

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Okay, so… first off…


We’re all getting hacked by Russian hackers right now. I’m just assuming that the second you click on or download anything related to Russia your computer is immediately compromised, and I got these pictures from The Moscow Times so yeah we’re all fucked. Welp. Sorry about that. But not really sorry because anyone with a brain knows that you don’t click on stories about Russia if you don’t want to get hacked. So that’s kind of on you. Clean up that hard drive and delete all your dick pics and well actually nevermind it’s already too late.

Since you are here and since your computer is already fucked we might as well take a second to admire whatever the fuck is going on in these pictures. There’s just so much to unpack. Why is he doing this? Isn’t Russia completely covered in snow? Is this what a typical office building looks like in a communist country? Do people in communist countries have real jobs? Do people wears ties in Russia? Is there like a Russian equivalent of Dunder Mifflin? Are there assistant regional managers or just assistants to the regional manager? How do corporate structures work in communism? Are there even corporations in communism? Have you ever even heard of a Russian company? Seriously, name me one Russian company right now. You can’t. I know you can’t. No, you can’t Google it. Wait is there Google in Russia? Is it like China where there’s no Google or Twitter? What’s that Chinese Twitter called? Webo, right? Yeah it’s Weibo but with an i. I just Googled it. Do you think there’s a Russian version of Webo? Probably, right? Wait no they have Twitter, that’s how I saw this picture, right? Or maybe someone just sent it to someone in America and then that person put it on Twitter. Shit, that’s persons email probably got hacked as fuuuuck. Oh shit speaking of hacking I haven’t watched the last Mr. Robot yet. Oh fuck yes I cannot wait to watch that while I eat lunch. Shit it’s actually getting close to lunch time. I should finish this blog. Wait what the fuck was this blog about? Oh yeah that fucking kid in the swamp in that ridiculous 80’s Miami nightclub coke dealer suit. Goddamn man, Russia is a weird ass place man.


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