Boogie Cousins Just Inceptioned This Reporter Into The Grave

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Nope… nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE. No thanks. Not today. If you think I’m gonna sit here and unwrap the intricacies of me asking myself what question I would ask myself, you’re shit out of luck. That’s it for my brain today. Just gonna shut it down right here right now. I happened upon a clip from the Mac gets Fat episodes of Always Sunny so I think I’ll just throw a few of those on for the next two hours or so. Watching this through once was enough for me. See you guys tomorrow. I’m out.

P.S.   That’s it for this reporter right? Not just in Rio, but like, for his career. If you get inceptioned on your own question you need to buy a plane ticket, fly back to whichever Nordic country your Foggy Nelson Eric Trump lookin ass is from, and start a new life as a bank teller or fisherman or literally anything else besides journalist. It’s over, dude.


P.P.S.   We need Boogie out of Sac Town and we need it now. If he has to waste his whole career in fucking Sacramento watching his team draft unknown Greek centers, signing washed and overrated wings, and cycling through point guards and coaches every three months for next five seasons it’ll go down as one of the most wasted careers in NBA history. This dude should and could be putting up 30 and 15 a night if he wasn’t stuck with one of the two or three worst organizations in professional sports history. Just look at the smile on his face in every single Team USA video from the last few weeks. It’s like watching Andy Dufresne playing the opera music over the loudspeaker.

Sure he knows the cold reality of another 35 win season is about to smack him in the face. But for the briefest of moments, Boogie is free. This is how it should be. This is what it was mean to be. And the thought of seeing him caged up next to Rudy Gay and Darren Collison for the next few years is just too goddamn depressing to swallow.



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