That Feel When You Take A Flaming Arrow To The Neck On Live TV Doing

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Watching someone mess up a stunt… I mean… is there anything better? Seriously, is there anything that brings you more joy than watching someone’s utterly unnecessary stunt/illusion/magic trick just fall flat on it’s face? Because for me the answer is unequivocally no.

I live for these videos. Just thinking about how much practice… how much time… how much effort goes into these stunts… and to watch it fall apart. Oh my god. What a feeling.

They spent, what? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty five years perfecting this stunt? All that time for this one moment, then AmberLynn here probably hiccuped at the wrong time and shot the arrow an inch or two off and next thing you know Ryan has a fuckin’ dart in his neck like Frank Riccard.

I don’t even know why it’s so satisfying – it just is. I mean we’re talking about stunts that go horribly wrong and result in brutal, disgusting injuries… and I love it. I could watch these all day. I’m not a sadist or anything. I don’t usually like to see people get hurt. But something about watching someone get hurt doing a stunt like this is just so goddamn satisfying. Like, yeah, you fucking idiot – that’s what happens when your stunts involve a nail gun or mouse traps or a goddamn FLAMING ARROW.

And to top it all off… I mean… can you find a more perfect person to get shot in the neck? Is it humanly possible?



Perfect. Just so fucking perfect. The outrageously try-hard hair. The stretcher earrings. The shirt-jacket combo. The tattoos. And of course that fucking look on his face. The only way this could’ve been better is if she shot his earlobe off.

What a video.

Goddammit I am a terrible human being


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