Someone Wrote A Seinfeld “9/11” Spec Script And It’s As Outrageous As It Is Accurate

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Oh my god man… Holy fucking shit. That was… I mean… I don’t even know how to describe it. It was outrageous it was hilarious it was dahk it was clever it was… it was incredible. And it was so goddamn accurate. You can picture everything the characters are doing. You can hear everything they’re saying. Shit, Jerry and Larry might as well have penned this themselves. Absolutely, undoubtedly worth the read – regardless of whether or not you’re a big time Seinfeld fan. And if you are… well then I should probably stop writing and just let you get into it.

Oh and yeah… the guy who wrote it is Billy Domineau, who I guess is a freelance writer for SNL’s Weekend Update. All the credit in the world to this dude. A+++ work. Least we can all do is toss him a social media follow.


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