Reebok Is Reuniting Jadakiss & Allen Iverson To Resurrect The Greatest Basketball Commercial Ever

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Like on Facebook What’s The Action  —  Hip-Hop and basketball has always gone hand in hand. When the Philadelphia 76ers legend and now hall of fame inductee, Allen Iverson, came out with the Answer 5’s (A5) in 2001, he enlisted Jadakiss not only to drop some fluid 16’s for the commercial, but to appeal to the market that both Allen and the LOX emcee resonated with so effortlessly.

If you’re a 80s/90s baby – that may have brought back a ton of memories from your respective hoop dreams phase. Don’t worry – we didn’t make the league either.

Fast forward to 2016 and the A5’s are making a highly anticipated comeback.

Not only is Jadakiss part of the marketing campaign, but the latest AI x Reebok release is actually named after him! Sadly, the Jadakiss A5’s drop until August 12th, but that isn’t stopping us from appreciating their beauty.

The GOAT commercial. GOAT.

Mars Blackmon and MJ? Overrated. Penny & Lil Penny? Corny. Young Jordan vs. Old Jordan? Too Fake. Larry & Michael? Too unrealistic. Larry & Magic? Racist. Barkley Not a Role Model? Cliche.

Fuck outta here with those commercials. Jada and AI will forever remain the GOAT. Basketball Legend. Hip Hop Icon. Two of the realest dudes to ever do it. Fire bars complimented by the dribbling moves that every kid who’s ever picked up a basketball has tried in their driveway. It’s perfection. It’s everything you could ever want from an early 2000’s hip hop and NBA collaboration. It’s something you can’t possibly imitate today.

Yesterday I made fun of Reebok, today I have to compliment them. When you’re getting buried by Nike and Jordan… when Adidas has figured out how to realign it’s brand… when fucking Under Armour sells more basketball gear than you… what do you do? You go back to basics. Reunite Jada and AI. Resurrect your best marketing campaign ever. Try to capture some of that old magic. At the very least you’ll get a few nostalgic purchases from people who miss ISO ball and real New York rap.


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