Any Deer Out Here Can Get The Work Son

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*Every defender when they see Ham about to give them that inside out cross and take it to the hole and they know they can’t stop it*

P.S.   I know this kid is going viral for chilling with this whole family of deer and yeah it’s hilarious and I’ve laughed out loud a few times and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the NBA names puns on Twitter today and I give the kid all the credit in the world for turning this into a huge internet thing…

But, like… I’m really not down with how comfortable humans and non-dog animals are becoming with each other. Fuck that noise. Anything other than a dog and maybe a cat and I’m out. Get that thing out of my house, out of my backyard, out of my city. I like the animals. I’m chill with them. I don’t want them abused or killed or anything like that. But I’m not hanging out with them. Money and Canela and Lola and Bambi and lil baby are cute and all, but if you think I’m going up to pet some lime disease ass deer and feeding it powdered donuts you’re outside of your skull. I know this is really wet blanket of me right now, but we all thought monkeys were cute until they took over the planet and created a Planet of The Apes. Never forget that.


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