50 Cent & The Game Allegedly Squashed Their Beef At The Strip Club

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Something about the 50 and Game beef man… it just felt so real. At least more so than anything else you see these days. Maybe it’s because every rap beef today includes a Canadian child actor or the Kardashians. Or maybe it’s because there was a business partnership and a genuine kinship between the two before it all fell apart. Something you don’t see as much in today’s beefs. I don’t really know the answer. But I know that this… this felt different. This wasn’t for the media. This wasn’t for the attention. These two guys legitimately hated each other for a solid decade, and they probably still do.

This… this is just a bummer to see.

Look, I don’t need a million rap beefs. I’m cool if the majority of them are friends. It’s the same way I view the NBA and all the stars becoming great friends… I think it’s better for the game. The best players in the world spending the summer together at the Olympics? AWESOME for basketball. All those guys come out of the Olympics as better players.

I want to beat my friends more than I want to beat my enemies. I want to beat the people I’m around the most. And if these guys are playing basketball together all summer, or writing together in the studio, there’s a competitive edge that comes from that. You always want to be better than that person. You can’t let them out-score you or out-rap you in a verse.

But that doesn’t mean we need to squash every beef. If it’s genuine, keep it alive. I don’t need Hassan Whiteside and Draymond Green to squash their beef. I don’t need Blake Griffin and Zach Randolph to squash their beef. That’s real hatred, and that’s good for the game too. The same way that a genuine beef like 50 and Game was good for rap.

But now it’s over. And so ends one of the last great beefs in hip hop history. I’m sure they’ll collaborate on some trash ass song in a month that’ll do nothing but diminish the significance of every 50 and Game collab from before the beef. How We Do? Westside Connection? Hate It Or Love It? Fire on top of Fire on top of Fire.

And there’s no way whatever song they make together will match up to these.


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