This Kid Talking About Materialism After Getting Roasted For Wearing FILA’s Is The Absolute Worst

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First of all… yeah kid, you’re going to catch the jokes if you’re wearing Filas. Seriously… Filas? FIILAS? Were you at the park or Arthur Ashe Memorial Stadium? Fucking Filas man… Filas. What living, breathing child outside of South Korea has ever willingly purchased a pair of Filas? Ever. You either bought these for the attention you’d get for being “different” or to intentionally prove a point about materialism and in either case you’re a huge asshole. YUUUUGE asshole.

Which brings me to the real point here…

Who in the absolute fuck are the parents of all these kids giving motivational speeches and life advice on social media? Who is raising these kids? I’m not gonna sit here and act like I understand the difficulties of parenthood and raising a child but honestly if your child is filming life advice videos about materialism you’re an awful parent. Just the worst. Your child is a fucking ASSHOLE, and it’s all your fault. You created a fucking monster with zero self awareness and way too much confidence who will grow up to be a politician or a televangelist or even just that guy at the gym who will strike up a conversation because he “noticed your form was a little off.”

This kid’s mom or dad or whoever is behind the camera? Awful human being. Just the absolute worst. Nobody… and I sincerely mean NO-BO-DY… needs to hear your twelve year old’s thoughts on materialism. Thoughts delivered ohbytheway from the leather seats of a luxury sedan you asshole. Turn the fucking camera off, explain to your son that speeches about materialism to his seventh grade classmates will get the shit kicked out of him much faster than learning how to trade jokes with those kids, and buy him a pair of Jordans or Nikes or at the very least fucking Reeboks so that he won’t get roasted for wearing the official shoe of the South Korean Little League Baseball team.

P.S.   I saw this Vine from a few months ago pop up yesterday and I immediately thought of it. So ridiculous that I can’t help but laugh every time.


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