Don’t Worry Guys, Melo Actually Loves A Thousand Miles. I Mean, How Could He Not?

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Last Night

Ok… Serious question here…

Is A Thousand Miles the most universally beloved song of all time?

Not necessarily the best song or the most people’s favorite song, but the most beloved. The most universally beloved song by the most people. It has to be right? The second that piano riff kicks in, everyone in the room is moving their fingers to the keys. That’s a fact. And nobody has ever, in the history of the world, heard Vanessa’s voice kick in and not at least sang along to MAKING MY WAY DOWNTOWN WALKING FAST FACES PASS AND I’M HOME BOUND in their head. It’s only human. Everyone loves A Thousand Miles. Everyone.

Walk down the street and poll 100 people on whether they like A Thousand Miles. Do it right now. You’ll get 99 yes’s and 1 tough guy saying no. And you know what, that guy probably likes the song more than anyone. He probably can’t wait to get home and take his pants off and play it on repeat until the sun comes up.

That was Melo on the plane. He tried to put on a tough guy act and play the grizzled veteran role and then he probably got to the hotel and played the song or watched that White Chicks scene on repeat for the rest of the night. Maybe drank some red wine and facetimed Lala and told her he’d walk a thousand miles just to Stay Me7o with her tonight.

And he woke up the next day and realized there was no need to hide his love for the song. No need to be ashamed. It’s the most beloved song of all time and goddammit, he loves that song too.

He just… you know… he only saw it cus of that Wayans Brothers movies… totally only because of that Wayans Brothers movie.


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