The Yankees Traded Andrew Miller For Such A Sweet Ginger

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God damn look at this one. What a fucking specimen. Hair redder than the devils dick. Skin whiter than the Republican National Convention. Enough freckles to fill a bucket. No soul in sight.

Such a sweet ginger. So fucking sweet.

Oh and for those keeping track, with today’s Beltran trade, Cashman just turned Chapman, Miller, and Beltran into ten minor leaguers (and Adam Warren) and rebuilt the Yankees farm system into one of, if not the best in all of baseball. Highlighted by Clint Frazier (the aforementioned ginger), Dillon Tate (the #4 overall pick in 2015), Justin Sheffield (quality mid-rotation lefty), and Gleybar Torres to go along with Judge, Mateo, Sanchez, Rutherford, and Bird (remember Greg Bird guys?). Anyone with a brain could see this team was going nowhere, and Cashman just turned our three most valuable trade assets into a complete rebuild. As great as Chapman, Miller, and Beltran have been, you’re still talking about two relief pitchers and an outfielder nearing 40 on a team with no real shot at short-term contention. It’s 2016 and the Yankees actually have an elite farm system to build their next dynasty on. I honestly didn’t think they had it in them, but here we are. And goddammit am I happy about it.

Three awesome trades. A+ work from Cashman.  Now let’s get this rebuild going.


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