JR Smith Went To OVO Fest And Couldn’t Open His Eyes

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Eyes closed drunk… arguably the best drunk, no? Is that crazy to say? Something about reaching that level is just so satisfying. It’s the point where all your cares in the world are gone. You’ve drank yourself stupid, you’ve lost a majority of your bodily functions, and honestly you just don’t care anymore. You’re half in the bag but not ready to give up. Potentially sleeping but also still kind of aware of what’s happening. Music bumping, “last” drink in your hand, wobbling from side to side. And yeah, probably posting some outrageously regrettable things on social media. Tweeting out absolute nonsense, tossing “you up” texts into the air and hoping one sticks, and snapchatting things that are in no way necessary to snapchat. But hey… fuck it, right? Is anyone even really going to remember? God knows you won’t. And god knows JR won’t remember taking this video.


P.S.   I love that this was posted at like 9am this morning which of course means that JR didn’t sleep one second before this was posted. Post-Championship life on a hundred thousand trillion for Swish.

P.P.S.   There’s a legitimate chance that JR is on such a bender this summer that he doesn’t realize he’s still a free agent.


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