RIP To The Big Apple Circus

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You know what was the beginning of the end for the circus… getting rid of the elephants.

Look, I’m not a huge fan of animals being in captivity. I’ve watched Blackfish. I’m enlighten, as you’d say. That shit is fucked up.

Would I prefer if these magnificent animals were free to roam in the wild? Of course. That’s where they belong. That’s the humane way to go about things.

But, like, if there’s one animal we can make an exception for, it’s the elephant right? I mean, we’re not talking about a whale that can swim the whole ocean. We’re not talking about a lion or a tiger that can maul someone’s face off. We’re not talking about monkeys and the possibility that they get too smart and take over the human race.

It’s an elephant. Elephants can only walk so much, only go so far, right? Walk them in a circle and it’s basically the same thing, right? They’re not hunting, they’re not out there stretching their legs. They’re pretty stationary in the first place. At the circus they’re getting fed, they’re given water, and most importantly, they’re given fame and glory. Everyone loves the elephant. Everyone. When an elephant walks on stage, that elephant is the star of the show. Applause through the rafters. Who in the wild is stopping in their tracks to cheer an elephant for arriving at the watering hole or munching on some grass? Nobody.

You can’t underestimate the importance of that applause… that positive reinforcement. It’s a known fact that elephants love performing.


Why rob them of that? Why rob the fans of those performances? It’s just illogical.

Without those elephants, what are we even there for? A bunch of clowns and trapeze artists? If I wanted to see a show full of deranged lunatics in makeup with no elephants I might as well go see a Juggalo show.

The elephant is what set the circus apart. Once the circus was stripped of it’s start attraction, that was the beginning of the end. That’s why we’ve gotten to this point

So yes, of course I feel bad for the performers. That sucks, but the second the elphants were dragged out of that tent these people should’ve been updating their resumes.

RIP in Peace to the Big Apple Circus, but don’t act like this is a surprise.




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