Odell Beckham Made A Very Odell Catch Over A Kid At His Camp & OMG Football Is So Goddamn Close

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Hey… hey guys… hey guys… heyguysguesswhat

*quiet whisper voice*

Football is almost back

Seven weeks. Seven goddamn weeks. Seven more weeks of sports hell until we have the NFL back. And, I mean, if we want to get technical, it’s actually six weeks until College Football. So fuck it, let’s call it six. Six more weeks of this sports nothingness. Sure we have the Olympics. They’ll be lit. Zika and kidnappings and murder and gymnastics. Love the Olympics. Love em.

But it’s not football. It’s just a nice little course setter that we’re lucky to have for the next two weeks. But until football is back, the sports world is still dahk.

Seven weeks. Wait, no. SIX weeks. Six weeks people. Contact your bookies. Fire up those mock drafts. Start researching those win totals. Shit is about to be lit… in six weeks.

P.S.   Oh and yeah I think it goes without saying but ohmygod Odell is going to MURDER the NFL this year.


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