Newspaper Uses The Crying Jordan Picture For An Article On Jordan’s Race Relations & The Police Quote From Monday

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That feel when you’ve been lowkey doing as much for the for the black community as any celebrity but catch shit for not speaking out or being public about it so you decide to finally make a public statement about race relations and the police and it’s well received by everyone and you catch all the praise and people call you the GOAT and yet you still can’t escape the fucking meme tho….


P.S.   The Crying Face is such a thing on it’s own that it honestly looks like his face is photoshopped into this picture. How insane is that? This is like, the actual picture where Crying Jordan came from. This is the original. Yet our brains are so trained to just see his face as the photoshop itself, that the actual picture genuinely looks like a photoshop.

P.P.S.   I don’t know why, but the fact that the BBC is credited for this picture is lowkey the funniest part about this picture.



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