Lookin Good, Latrell Sprewell! Feelin Good, Ham!

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Little insight into how my brain works. First I was thinking about some kind of Jamaican joke. No, not in like a racist way. The first thing that popped in my head was “Yo Spree looks like a little white girl who went on vacation and got her hair braided.” Not really that great of a joke. You know, since he’s a grown ass black man with an aggressive ass neck tat. But hey, that’s just what I thought. So naturally, after thinking about little white girls getting their hair braided in Jamaica, I started thinking about Michael Scott with the one Jamaican bead in his hair.

Then I got lost down a rabbit hole of Office videos. Then I found that video with all the famous comedians auditioning for The Office.

Then I thought how weird it would’ve been to have Judah Friedlander as Dwight.

Then I started thinking about how early on Judah Friedlander must have committed to embracing this “fat disgusting nerdy guy” character. Then I started thinking about the pros and cons of doing that myself… you know, of just letting myself go like Judah Friedlander. And then I thought, “Oh shit, you know who else let themselves go? Latrell Sprewell”. And so yeah… that’s the whole blog.


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