Kid Replaced Photos Of Himself At His Mom’s House With Photos Of Steve Buscemi. And She Still Hasn’t Noticed

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Look, I can kind of understand how a mother might not notice that a few photos have been replaced. You spend enough time in your home and things start to just fade into the background. Think about how often you actually look at the shit in your house. I’ve only been in my place for like two and a half months now, but I can tell you that if someone started slowly changing some of the stuff hanging on the walls here, it would take me a while to notice. I’d have to be deliberately looking around for changes if I were to notice something different. And even then I might not see it. I like to think I’m pretty aware of my surroundings, that I notice more little things than the average person due to a heavy case of OCD. But when you’re talking about a home, a place you spend the large majority of your time  if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a work-from-home blogger, you might not pick up on tiny little changes right away. You just kind of exist in your home and take for granted all the decor and shit that lines the walls.


But with that being said, it is absolutely outrageous that this kids mom hasn’t noticed Steve Buscemi’s mug in any of these picture frames. This isn’t some generic face we’re talking about here. This is Steve Buscemi. One of the most unique, ridiculous looking people on the face of the earth. That’s not even a shot at Buscemi — who I also think is one of the most under-appreciated actors ever — because I highly doubt a guy willing to play the character of Garland Green or Danny McGrath or motherfucking Crazy Eyes is lacking any self awareness regarding his looks.




So for this mom to walk around her house and miss Steve fucking Buscemi’s mug staring through her soul from these picture frames, that means she’s either the least aware woman on earth, or this kid bares a striking resemblance to the man Adam Sandler called on to play some of the most preposterous bit characters in movie history. But hey, at least he’s got a brilliant sense of humor right? Because this is one of the funniest stupid pranks I’ve ever seen.

P.S.   Seriously though, how many other actors have the range of Buscemi. Remember Chris Rock’s bit on Paul Giamatti’s range from the Oscars this year?

Well what about the range of Buscemi going from Crazy Eyes to Nucky Thompson? From Danny McGrath to Mr. Pink? From the Homeless Guy in Big Daddy to Carl Showalter? That… that is range. Shouts to Steve Buscemi man, let’s raise a glass…


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