Dealers In Rio Are #Branding Their Coke With The Olympic Logo

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That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do branded content.

Let me ask you a question. Say, for a second, that you’re a person who dabbles in cocaine use. A… recreational user, you know. Once every few weeks or so — maybe more, maybe less. You don’t have a personal connect, but your buddy does. So he picks it up, he comes back, and he puts two bags on the table in front of you. One bag? Nothing on it. Clear little baggy of that white girl. The other? Rio 2016. 5 Rings. Do Not Use Near Children. Which one are you reaching for?


Look, you don’t have to own a marketing degree or sales experience or a Ph.D. in slingin rock to understand the power of branding. Slap a strong brand on your product and people are inherently going to be more interested. You’re inherently going to trust the product more. Oh the Rio de Janiero Olympics sponsors this cocaine? Shit, this must be good. Oh they’re concerned with child safety? Well then they must be concerned with my safety as well. Who cares if it makes sense or not? Nothing about branding needs to make sense. All the brand needs is for you to believe it’s true. And after this entire clusterfuck of a lead up to these Rio games, is it really that outlandish to believe they would sponsor a specific brand of cocaine? Of course not. You’re going to buy the Olympic branded yayo. It looks more legitimate. Therefore it must be more legitimate.

That’s how you utilize a strong brand.

P.S.   Darren Rovell must be so conflicted over whether or not to praise this use of branding.



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