Donald And Ivanka Shared A… Loving Embrace Last Night

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Donald Trump Accepts the Republican Presidential NominationUS-VOTE-REPUBLICANS-CONVENTION-politics-election


You know what… fuck it… at this point, I’d respect the absolute shit out of Donald if he just made Ivanka the First Lady. I mean she is, for all intents and purposes, gonna take on that role right? I don’t see former supermodel Melania going to meet with heads of state or starting up some domestic youth fitness programs or letting Donald have sex with her. Those are Ivanka’s roles. So why not just cut through the bullshit and make official what we already know to be true? Ivanka is the First Lady. You’ve gotten away with this much so far, what’s the worst that could happen?

P.S.   I still can’t get it over how long that speech was. I was ready to wrap it up like 25 minutes in and it went for another FIFTY fucking minutes after that. Now let me share my thought on the speech…

*remembers it’s Friday*

…nope nevermind, fuck that.


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