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This fucking election man. What in the absolute fuck is going on? The more and more I think about it, I more I believe Elon Musk when he says we’re living in a video game. That’s really the only explanation for how the election of the leader of the free world has gotten to this point.

We got Hillary texting her VP choice in emojis, Ted Cruz turning heel at the RNC, Scott Baio and Lena Dunham as the headlining celebrities at each convention, Ivanka Trump giving the speech of a Democrat to a chorus of Republican cheers, Donald Trump doing all of the things that Donald Trump has done so far, and now this…

Absolutely laugh out loud hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at this shit. What a fucking time man, what a fucking time (to be a blogger) (definitely not to be a person, we’re all fucked).

P.S.   I don’t want to get to political on a Friday but like… if you get mad about where someone goes to the bathroom you need to kill yourself. Kill yourself. If a trans person wants to piss and shit in the bathroom of the gender they feel comfortable, have at it. Nobody actually cares. Nobody is looking around to see who has a dick and who doesn’t. And if someone was going into a bathroom to fucking assault someone, they’re not going to second guess that decision because a bunch of good ole boy politicians said they’re “not allowed” in that bathroom you fucking idiots.


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