Peter MacNicol Was DQ’d From Guest Actor Emmy Nod For Veep Because Of The Funniest 10 Seconds On TV This Year

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Look, is this that big of a deal? Not really. An actor losing out on a nomination really does not affect anyone’s life except that actor. Bummer for him? Of course. But int he grand scheme of things this really doesn’t matter at all.

But, shit, man… this does kind of suck.

Dude abso-fucking-lutely would have won this category. MacNicol killed it every time he was on screen this season. Laugh out loud funny. Some of the best moments this season. In a show with like 12 of the funniest characters on TV right now, MacNicol still managed to stand out in his role. And now he won’t get the recognition he deserves.

Why? Because he appeared on screen for 10 seconds in an episode. 10 seconds during what happened to be one of the funniest scenes on TV this year in arguably the funniest episode Veep has ever done.

That scene cost him the Emmy. That scene.

Talk about fucking irony, huh?

While we’re here… can we just give every single comedy category to Veep and be done with it. Funniest show on TV this year by a significant margin.

That’s not a shot at anyone else. Silicon Valley was absolutely hilarious and took that next step into the funniest shows ever category. A+ season. The mainstays like Always Sunny and South Park were brilliant as always. Shit, even Fargo with it’s comedic moments could throw itself in the Comedy category and have a legitimate claim.

But Veep? Veep held the crown this year. No show has better writing and it’s not even close.  No show has better side characters, from Jonah to Richard, Ben to Tom James, Amy to Mike.  No show has a better lead actress or actor than Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who by the way is also somehow still a knockout at age 55.  No show is shot in a funnier manner, especially that Kissing Your Sister episode.  No show delivers better one liners.  No show utilizes expressions and physical comedy in a better manner.  No show has funnier character interaction.  No show delivers more laughs-per-scene.  It’s the best right now. THE best. And while we still have no idea if it’ll be back after the way last season ended, I’m perfectly fine with them walking out on what was, hands down, their best season yet.

All of the Emmys to Veep… you know, just not this one anymore.


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