Under Armour Sold Out It’s ENTIRE Inventory Of The Chef Curry Dad Shoes

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Kim, Kanye, and Taylor’s Beef

Donald Trump having Melania intentionally plagiarize Michelle Obama

Under Amour’s washed Chef Curry white dad shoes

What’s the theme of the week guys? Shit, the theme of the year? The theme of human history?

Any publicity is good publicity.

There’s a reason everyone involved in these “controversies”, or whatever you want to call them, is at the level of fame they’re at. Sure, there’s obviously a level of trancendent talent that comes with it. Kanye and Kim are generational musical talents. Kim and Trump are generational… self-promotion talents. Steph is a generational basketball talent. Kevin Plank (Under Armour CEO) is a generational business talent. But the connecting theme between all these people is this… they understand not only how to become famous, but how to stay famous… how to stay relevant… how to continually grow your “brand”, your “image”, etc.

They understand that, short of committing a heinous crime, keeping your name in the news is all that matters. Any publicity is good publicity. All these stories above are just the next story in a line of stories, both good and bad, that these individuals have put out there for the sake of publicity.

We all know this about Kim and Trump, who clearly orchestrated the two biggest stories this week. They don’t even have a “talent” necessarily like the rest of the people on this list. They simply understood from the start the importance of keeping your name out there, of staying in the papers, of creating stories out of thin air that thus attract more stories and more attention and… yes, more fame. That’s how they’ve become two of the most famous people in the goddamn world off of little more than their parents last name.

And now we know this about Plank and Under Armour.

Yes, the business itself was already thriving. Yes, they got themselves an elite superstar athlete in every major sport to work with them. Yes they were bound for continued success regardless of this move.

But when have you talked about an Under Armour shoe until the Chef Curry’s? Every shoe release from Steph before this was relatively underwhelming. Can you even picture another Curry shoe in your head right now? Nothing to write home about. Some were cool, some were bland, but none of them moved the needle.

So what’d they do?

They released a goddamn nurses slipper/washed dad shoe hybrid that took the internet by storm. They saw all of this before it happened. You think a multi-billion dollar brand like Under Armour just thought, “Hey, let’s make a nice sensible shoe for dads and fat white bloggers who basically buy these type of shoes anyway.”

Of course not. They knew the power of attaching Steph’s name to these, otherwise they would’ve just released them as Under Armour Cross Trainer 2’s or something like that. They knew this would cause a riot on social media. They knew black twitter would get off a billion jokes at their expense. They knew they’d get criticized for releasing a basketball shoe that somehow doubles as a golf shoe. They knew all of that. And they knew that it we’d see more pictures of these shoes on social media than we’ve seen of the last twenty Jordan releases combined.

What’s happened from that? They sold their entire goddamn inventory of the shoe. 

Every fucking shoe is sold. And not only that… they created a fucking news story from that. I’m writing a blog because a brand of sneaker sold out. Think about how outrageous that is. I haven’t even finished my Durant-to-Golden State blog and I just wrote about this one pair of sneakers for like the fifth time this month.

Because that’s just the world we live in now. Kim, Kanye and Taylor get it. Trump gets it. And now we know that Under Armour gets it.

Any publicity is good publicity.

P.S.   Or a ton of dads just happened to stumble upon these and think they’re very sensible and they sold like hot cakes and this has nothing to do with publicity. But hey, that doesn’t fit this blog’s angle now does it?


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