Breaking News: Mr. Worldwide Will NOT Be Supporting Donald Trump #Dale

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Image via Latin Times

Gotta say, this is a huge loss for the Trump campaign. Huge, YUUUGE loss. It’s one thing to have major American celebrities like Scott Baio or renowned Soap Opera sensation and former Chippendales dancer Antonio Sabato Jr. Everyone knows those are great gets with young, vibrant fanbases will undoubtedly flood the poles come November. Add in Dana White and his Tapout-clad disciples and you’ve probably stolen the entire youth vote away from Hillary.

But man, that’s just not enough. Millenials alone aren’t going to win Trump this election. You need a celebrity that crosses boarders both racially and generationally. You need a star that inspire the same feeling in a young latino female as he does in an old white man. You need someone you can play at both a dance club and a country club. You need someone who makes everyone feel good. You need someone to get the party started. You need Mr. Worldwide.

So to see this video… to hear this news… that’s gotta be a crushing blow to the Trump Campaign. Socking, devastating news at a time where their campaign can little afford a setback. I don’t want to say the election is over, but if Pitbull announces tomorrow that He’s With Her, you might as well start making that celebratory playlist over at Hillary Headquarters.

I think I know a few songs that I think should be on there…



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