Denzel Valentine Drilled A Fadeaway To Win The Summer League Championship Last Night

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Three Pointer to send it to overtime:

Game Winner:

Yeah… so it turns out that Denzel is gonna be that guy. It’s funny how those things happen, huh? Guy stays in college for four years. Guy develops every year. Guy dominates as an upperclassman. Guy is widely considered a complete player. Guy “lacks NBA athleticism”. Guy falls in draft. Guy gets chip on his shoulder. Guy finds the right situation. Guy ends up having a better career than 80% of the players drafted ahead of him. And the cycle continues.

I’m not saying Denzel is gonna be a star. I’m not saying he should’ve been drafted in the top eight. But when he ends up having a better career than Jacob Poetl, Thon Maker, Taurean Prince, and fucking Georgios Papagiannis, those teams that passed on him after the top 8 should feel pretty fucking stupid. Especially you, Sacramento.

Oh an yeah, nice shot Denzel


P.S.   As a Knicks fan… this hurts. Even though we all know Derrick Rose is definitely not getting hurt at all this year and for sure totally going to return to MVP form and will flawlessly run the pick and roll with Kristaps… this still hurts.


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