Denny’s Diner Somehow Won The Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Feud Yesterday

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I didn’t write about the Taylor-Kim-Kanye thing yesterday. It’s fake. Anyone with a brain knows it was contrived months ago and nothing more than a way for three of the most famous people in the world to get more famous. There’s any number of reasons to support that. It was on the same night as a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode that just so happened to center on the matter… It was a way to promote Kim’s snapchat… It was a way for the Kardashians to strong-arm TMZ… It was a way for Taylor to play the victim… It was a way for Kanye to play the nice guy… Or maybe it was simply just a way for three of the most contrived celebrities in human history to get their names in the news on a night with little to nothing else happening. Whatever it was… I think we all understand that all three of them were in on it. And if not for the whole Melania Trump plagiarized speech, this would be the biggest and likely only story in the news this week. It was fake. And that’s totally fine. I didn’t feel like being that guy to kill the jokes and the fun by screaming “HEY GUYS THIS ISN’T A GENUINE BEEF.” Most people understood that. Slow Monday, middle of the summer. No need to be the cynical killjoy (I saved that for the Melania thing today).

I wasn’t going to blog about it. The whole world has moved on to Melania vs. Michelle and Lou Holtz carrying around a bottle of Crown Royal and whatever else happens at the RNC these next few days.

But shit… quick shoutout to the Denny’s social media team. The same social media team behind that absurd tweet during Game 6 of the NBA Finals.


Well they did it again.

Just an absolute heater of a response to this whole controversy. Hilarious way to capitalize on it. Yeah you’ve got your celebrities and your twitter comedians making jokes and such, but the sheer absurdity of Denny’s Diner winning the day is absolutely fantastic. Denny’s Diner… that place you might go with your grandparents once every two years or with your friends that one time after getting too high… they lay claim to the best social media presence in the entire restaurant industry. What a world.


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