Aroldis Chapman Threw A 105 MPH Pitch Last Night. I Was Hoping Someone Could Put That In Context For Me

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Thanks Darren, best in the Biz*

*the Sports Biz


P.S.   This tweet is really not much different than everything else Rovell tweets out all day. Okay, fine, it’s probably a little more ridiculous. Just an outrageous hypothetical. But in the grand scheme of Rovell, this isn’t that crazy.

I only wrote about it so that I could also say that Hal Steinbrenner and that fat fuck Randy Levine need to step aside and let Cashman move Chapman, Miller, Beltran, and any other valuable asset they can so that this team can finally move the fuck on from the early 2000’s and actually rebuild. It’s absolute insanity that we’re sitting in fourth place in this division, CLEARLY headed for 81 wins and no playoffs, and considering anything other than selling off any valuable, aging assets. And yet here’s Hal and Randy, trying to sell this idea of a “competitive team” so they can snake a few extra dollars out of everyone’s pockets. Fuck I hate our front office.

P.P.S.   Still my favorite Rovell moment.


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