Victor Oladipo Just Ended Some Kid’s Life At His Skills Academy

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WELP… might as well hang up the J’s now huh? No coming back from that… like, ever. I don’t care if he’s Victor Oladipo or Victor Whatshisname from the courts on 81st, you challenge a man like that and get windmilled into the grave, you’re never getting up. You might be able to stand up walk away, but your entire basketball career is laying flat down on the floor under that basket for the rest of time. But hey… valiant effort, my guy.

P.S.   Big Durant piece coming in a few hours. It really makes no mention to OKC, so I guess I’ll just throw this in here now:

I think Oladipo is gonna be a awesome this year. Not necessarily borderline-All Star awesome, but right on the level below that as one of the better role players in the league. I think he’s the perfect example of a guy who was in the wrong situation from the start. He was never meant to be the second best player on a team, let alone the star. You throw him in a situation like what Justice Winslow went to in Miami last year? Ideal. Slides right in as a fourth-option on offense and wing stopper defensively. Minimal pressure to create offense on his own. Learns how to shoot corner threes from the start. Cuts to open space when his star teammates take it to the hoop. Lot of rebounds for a guard his size. Scores most of his points by creating turnovers and getting out on the break. And I think that’s what he can still learn to do in OKC, with maybe a little added responsibility now that Durant is gone.

There’s a lot of reasons why this Durant move sucks, but right near the top of the list for me is missing out on seeing Vic blossom in that 4th man role for a real, genuine contender. He’ll still be great this year, but it’s still one of the great “what if’s” if Durant had stayed.

(Big, flaming hot Durant-Golden State piece coming soon)


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