The Rock Posted A Picture From The Fast 8 Set THIS IS NOT A DRILL

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If you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, you know my now not to question the storyline… or the stunts… or the dialogue… or basically anything and everything about this franchise. How and why did Hobbs jump from FBI Agent to maximum security prisoner? I don’t fucking know man. And I’m not going to attempt to find out. These characters have jumped from gearhead truck robbers to expert technicians, combat fighters, hackers, and world class thieves, and we’ve completely accepted this character development. I’m not about to start questioning things now. I just can’t wait to get this movie in my life. NINE. MONTHS.

Oh and of course. #RIPPaulWalker

P.S.   The Iceman Cometh is obviously an homage to the Charlie Kelly classic, correct?



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