SHOCKER – Joe Paterno Knew About Jerry Sandusky’s Victims Since 1976

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WHAAAAT? No way. You’re telling me that the man who oversaw the Penn State Football Program for half a century… who was given autonomous control of every aspect of the program… who ran that team from the boosters and the administrators down to the motherfucking punt block unit…

You’re telling me he knew about the rampant sexual assault being committed by his most trusted underling? Get out of here. That’s crazy.

Look… I don’t like to pontificate on here. I fuck around and I’m sarcastic and, for the most part, I like to make fun of people who take sports and life too serious. That type of writing is for people with degrees in journalism and real life problems who don’t spend their day staring at a computer screen rambling about viral videos or their love for Kristaps Porzingis.

But for the love of god, man, this Joe Paterno shit drives me up a fucking wall. These delusional assholes sitting in their weird little world in Happy Valley, watching Penn State football and patting themselves on the back for that one fundraiser they do every year, bowing at the alter of Joe Paterno as if that squished face five foot nothing little toad was completely clueless and innocent of any wrongdoing during the entire fifty year stretch where his closest confidant was raping every other child who walked on campus. Fighting to rebuild the statue of this wrung-out Joe Pesci as if he never had so much as an inkling that Sandusky was a garbage human being. I understand that it must have been difficult to come to grips with the entire situation as a Penn State fan. I understand that there’s no way to prepare yourself for the news that your defensive coordinator raped and ruined the lives of dozens of children, or that your demigod head coach willingly allowed it to happen in the name of winning football games. But when every shred of common sense suggests that Joe Paterno knew and covered up for everything Sandusky did, maybe hold off on fighting to get his statue put back up. Maybe sit back and let the dust settle on one of the worst crimes in sports and human history before you’re begging to have Joe Pa’s figure standing proudly on campus again. Just a thought.


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