Here, Let Margot Robbie Teach You… What Was It Again? Oh Yeah, Aussie Slang

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Look, I enjoyed the hell out of that video. Aussie slang cracks me up. Crack Onto Someone, Chuck A Sickie, Daks, Chockers, Dunny, Bogan, Spit The Dummy — all hilarious words that I’m going to, at some point in my life, work into my daily vocabulary. Great video. Informative, funny, all of the above.

But if we’re being totally honest, this could just as well have been Margot Robbie reading Mein Kampf and I would have watched.

P.S.   Is she number one? She has to be number one right? I mean I know there are any number of Instagram Models out there slinging natural juices and teeth whitening products that you could call number one, but they’re not real human beings. They don’t count. Actual human being-wise, Margot holds the crown.


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