Mischa Barton Wrote A Poignant Message About #AltonSterling & #PhilandoCastile… On A Yacht… Drinking Wine

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Look, nothing about this entire situation is anything to joke about. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were murdered in cold blood. Murdered by shitty cops who don’t know how to properly do their job. Cops who shouldn’t be cops. Cops who went through an awful system that has made no effort to reform itself short of putting on a body cam that can “accidentally” fall off at any time. Cops who each yelled “FUCK” and started pissing their pants because they were never equipped to handle what should be a routine situation. Cops who — whether they were racist, prejudiced, incompetent, or all of the above — should not have a gun and a badge if they’re too racially biased or dangerously incompetent to properly police or even simply speak with a black civilian. Cops who operate in a legal system that has allowed the last however many cops who shoot black suspects to escape conviction for their crime. Cops who know that no matter how fucking outrageous and dangerous and illegal and deadly their actions are, they’ll never be called out by other cops, let alone their superior officers. This situation is fucking awful. A 15 year old kid just lost his dad, and a 4-year-old girl just WATCHED her dad get murdered right in front of her, both for no other reason than being black in a world where the police system has no interest in even making an effort to protect and serve black people the same way they do with white people. And if you can’t see how true that last sentence is you’re a fucking moron.

Nothing funny should come of this.


But… like… tell me you didn’t laugh out loud when you noticed Mischa Barton was holding a wine glass. I mean… jesus fucking christ, Mischa… really? This bougie ass cream cheese OC bitch… The yacht and the bikini weren’t enough, Mish?

Just the idea of posting a picture of YOURSELF to go with what, in your mind, is some poignant message regarding an important social issue… (A message that 1. doesn’t even mention that he’s black and 2. talks about gun control in a situation that has nothing to do with gun control)… just that whole idea in itself is ridiculous. But the wine glass. I mean, come on. It’s so outrageous that I almost respect her for being THAT tone deaf.

“Here take my picture for #AltonSterling”

*40 pictures*

“Hold on one second…”

*pours glass of $900 sauvignon blanc*

“It’s like I’m drinking in his honor, right Chad?”

*Chad nods, rails a line of cocaine*

“Okay, let’s try it from over here, the light is better on this side of the yacht.”


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